Rules and How to submit a camera

For you people who do not understand, if the girl knows about the camera it is not a voyeur cam.
I do not know how to make it any more simple than that

 The camera must be a real hidden camera ( I will spot a fake and if I don't the members will)
 With couple cams both partners must not know (No wife cams submitted by husbands)
 No male cams
 If you need technical help setting up a cam please ask on the message board
 The camera image must be average or better
 The camera must be in a location where you will see the girl often
 The camera must be able to be on 24/7
 You must have a constant connection to the internet (Cable or adsl is recommended)
 The camera must have been up for at least a month before submitting it
 The girl or couple must be average or better (No old or fat people)
 The camera has to be able to be up for at least six months after I start using it
 Do not e-mail me unless you have some sample pics
 I will let you know how much you will be payed after I see the girl on cam
 It is up to you to know the laws regarding voyeurism in your area (Don't ask me)

If you meet all the rules above please contact me at